Proven Leadership
With my background as a business leader and my deep rooted civic involvement in district 15 for the last 38 years, I would be honored to represent you and ask for your support in the upcoming election on October 12, 2019.
Experience In the District
Having lived in District 15 for 38 years, and working as a consulting engineer I have helped develop West Ouachita Parish performing site planning, subdivisions, building design, drainage works and sewer works.
Community Involvement
I have been involved with the the West Monroe Civitan Club for over 25 years. I was very involved with the Civitan project called The Smiles Park at Kiroli Park. The Smiles Park is a play area for physically and mentally challenged children to allow them to play and interact with other children.

Vote for change

Vote for change


Early Voting Dates

September 28th - October 5th 2019

Primary Voting Date

October 12th 2019

General Election Date

November 16th 2019

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