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Re Elect Foy Gadberry
Proven Leadership
With my background as a business leader and my deep-rooted civic involvement in district 15 for the last 38 years, I am honored to represent you and ask you to reach out to me and my office for any assistance.
Experience In the District
Having lived in District 15 for 38 years, and working as a consulting engineer I have helped develop West Ouachita Parish performing site planning, subdivisions, building design, drainage works and sewer works.
Community Involvement
I have been involved with the the West Monroe Civitan Club for over 25 years. I was very involved with the Civitan project called The Smiles Park at Kiroli Park. The Smiles Park is a play area for physically and mentally challenged children to allow them to play and interact with other children.

Dear Constituents,

What an amazing opportunity it has been to serve District 15 now in my 2nd term. It has been an incredible opportunity to put my talents and experience to good use for our people and our community. I fully understand the great responsibility it is to be the State Representative to our area and be a part of the bigger picture for our grand state of Louisiana. I do not take my duty lightly and value every day I have had to roll up my sleeves and put in the work to learn what our district needs not just in the here and now, but in the future beyond my term.

It’s a challenging role, to say the least, but one that I’ve done with humility and a servant’s heart. My background as a civil engineer and land surveyor has served me very well as your state representative. It’s given me the opportunity to serve on several committees including House and Governmental Affairs, Municipal, Parochial and Culture Affairs, and Transportation, Highways, and Public Works.

I believe my record will show that I believe in supporting legislation that supports our area and protects our people. I’ve presented several bills to provide contract limits and I have supported funding for the Insure Louisiana Incentive Program. I believe their impact will be felt and be meaningful legislation for our community.

With my whole heart, I effectively work to represent our constituents daily by making myself accessible, responsive, and engaged with the concerns of our district. 

I know that the only way to connect and listen to the voice of our community is through constant communication and attending community events, meeting with constituents, and responding to your emails or phone calls in a timely manner. 

Time and time again, I have taken action to address those concerns while also being transparent and accountable in my actions and decisions that impact us locally and statewide.

I believe that being actively engaged with local communities and organizations is the pathway to understanding the needs of the district and I will continue to build partnerships to address those needs.

You know I possess strong leadership skills and know how to make tough decisions. I’m committed to serving the interests of their constituents and promoting the common good.

Ultimately, as constituents, you will weigh my accomplishments and my record. I am committed to continuing the great work we’ve done in District 15 and I know you are committed to continuing to support the work we’ve begun together. We’ve accomplished a great deal but know the work ahead will need your support as we head into re-election here in the coming months.


Foy Gadberry

Foy Gadberry, Louisiana State Representative

District 15

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